The Amazing Days that followed…..

When the sun had gone down on “The Sunset Cruise”***** the days that followed were phenomenal. I had got to know Albina’s friends; Regina Akchurina, Irina Sam, Karina Sharipova we all hung out together along with; Gary Lawson, Jack Hook, Mike Leitmeyer, Kevin McConnell. We often gathered at Horn’s Bar for dancing and drinks….then on to Island Slice Pizza for an after party snack or The Sea Biscuit Café where Albina and I ordered a Whitefish Sandwich that was served on Russian Black Bread coleslaw, it was something different to her palate… she adoringly referred to it as fish and apple….. and on late, late nights we would go to Goodfellows where Winston (my roommate) and the late night chef would make extremely spicy flavored chicken wings. The smell of the horses, new arriving tourist either by ferry or yacht, the aroma of caramel flavored popcorn, and of course the delicious Mackinac Island fudge had all but become a part of our lives as Islanders. People gathering in Marquette Park played various sports and Boys and Girl Scouts displayed their pride as they marched to raise and lower the American Flag… than periodically the boom of the cannon that was fired from Fort Mackinac. There was a day when Albina, Regina and he boyfriend Gary visited me at Metivier Inn…once again I saw Albina’s passion for photography exude itself…. we all walked up the path that led to the back of Metivier to the astonishing Gardens amerced you in an array of color… flowers and trees… she  enthusiastically photograph them..

“I have to go back to work,” I said as I kissed her lips and headed in … as Albina, Gary and Regina their session I to had a session of my own to finish…more Russian words from my boys. I often placed the new words I learned in the notes section of my cell phone… when Albina saw me scrolling threw to find the she laughed…..I had intended to put as many word as I could fit in this little thing. perhaps the entire language…if it would only fit.

And when Albina was at work and I was off I visited the shops on Main Street… looking for something for Albina…I wondered in and out of; Nadia’s, La Galerie, Lilacs and Lace…The Loon Feather and many others…  and even traveled off Island to Mackinaw City… still unable to find what I wanted… the nearest big city from Mackinaw City was Gaylord Petoskey which was a 3 hour roundtrip… and I would most likely miss the ferry. I didn’t give up though… I eventually Found what I was looking for… It was now 23 days since August 2nd, 2011 the day I first laid eyes on  Albina Tagirova (a gorgeous woman from Ufa, Russia I had met at Mission Point Resorts Activity Center on Mackinac Island…and fallen in love). After that initial “Привет*”and an unforgettable evening at Horn’s Bar** the four days that lingered between Horn’s… and that night only by Loves design our paths crossed again on Jamaican Independence Day*** and of course our first date****, Albina and Regina came again to visit me at Metivier… we made plans to see each other at our bench in front of Mission Point. August 25, 2011.   IMG_1987 IMG_2003 IMG_1496IMG_1514IMG_1515 IMG_2448 IMG_2458



Horn’s Bar**
Jamaican Independence Day***
our first date****